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The original Hybrid Media Lounge was a result of the Hybrid Media Workspace held at Documenta X in Kassel (Germany) in 1997. It was a database for European organisations, initiatives, activities and networks cross-linked to art, culture, media and politics. Conditions for inclusion were that every organisation had an online network and a non-profit mission. Of every organisation information was gathered, such as contact, address, publications, events and mission statement. It was available as a website and on cd-rom.

In 2001, a low-end version was developed: the Medialounge. Motivation for it's development was to make the information easier accessible for users with older browsers, unusual displays or slow internet connections. It also led to a thorough revision of the database.

Medialounge was then incorporated in the European Cultural Backbone (ECB), a coalition of cross-cultural organisations. The visibility of the Medialounge within ECB was considerably improved. The presentation of the Medialounge coincided with a renewed ECB website.

The update and redesign of the website was made by partner Public Netbase (Austria), in cooperation with Virtual Platform and Waag. The Medialounge website did run for more than a decade without any major update of the web architecture.