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MyOV app

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In 2010, Waag worked at the application MyOV. A smart app that would give travellers with public transport in The Netherlands the opportunity to ask for a refund at delays. A good idea, certainly, but it proved hard to get the idea to work.

The introduction of the nationwide chip card system in The Netherlands made it possible to travel with just one ticket for all different public transport organisations in the country. Even the differences between trains and busses disappeared. A welcome development for the passengers. As long as everything runs well, the system works fine. But when errors are made (by the passenger or transport organisation), the solution for refunding the passenger is not so clear. The different organisations have created their own systems in solving problems, causing confusion among consumers.

MyOV in part tried to tackle this situation. This app was not directly 'automated' and just worked for the National Railways (NS). By feeding the app with their login account details, it showed passengers their delays and their right for refunds. They could claim a refund by just pushing the button. A refund claim form would then be printed by hand and sent to the railways customer service.

Regrettably, negotations with the railways about the app did not work out and the project had to be ended. Eventually, in 2012, Moop Mobility developed the idea further and a new app, called OV Butler, was born. We hope all transport companies soon join the initiative not only to get paid in an easy way, but also to refund in the same manner when neccessary.