• This project has been completed


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The two year RADICAL project produced three major international events, a number of new software prototypes for further development, a website and publications providing guides to good practice in the fields of creativity for the IST programme. The programme ended in 2002.

At the beginning of 2006, the final publication was published: A Guide to Good Practice in Collaborative Working Methods and New Media Tools Creation (by and for artists and the cultural sector) by eds. Lizbeth Goodman and Katherine Milton. The books contains several articles, essays and case-studies. One of the articles is by Sher Doruff on KeyWorx.

Project partners were:

  • SMARTlab Centre, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, The London Institute (London)
  • Ecole Superieur de L'Image, Angouleme, (ESI France)
  • Waag for old and new media, (Amsterdam)
  • 15 European member companies in industry, technology and arts development

For Waag, Marleen Stikker (RADICAL Manifesto) and Sher Doruff were the main contributors to the project.