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Teylers Betalab

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Teylers Bètalab was developed for the small observatorium building in the garden of the Teylers Museum in Haarlem. A virtual learning experience for children in combination with a visit to the museum.

Bètalab is aimed at the highest class of primary education, and relates closely to the subjects nature and technics. The pupils can take one of the following items to study closer at the lab: light, sound, force and electricity. You also have to take a careful look at the physics equipment in the museum to be able to do the assignments. 

After extensive user testing, the Bètalab was opened in 2008. The museum uses the lab in the public programme, regularly organizing workshops. A workshop always ends spectacularly, as the Tesla coils that are fitted in at the roof of the building suddenly produce an electric discharge.

In an earlier cooperation with the museum, Waag developed Teylers Adventure and room i, an interactive space.