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A European consortium of cultural organizations, coordinated by CIANT in Prague, asked Waag to transfer its working practices in its Academy model.

Within Waag Academy, we develop a curriculum for all levels of education: from primary schools to universities and art schools. Together with partners in education, the cultural and creative sector, business and science, we make an academic program for 'social innovators': creative, original thinkers who are able to make connections between disciplines and to build networks in which there is space for knowledge innovation. For example, Waag Academy tailors educational programs as the Fab Academy, together with MIT, and PhDO for PhD students in the creative sector - focusing on knowledge sharing.

Creative professionals are challenged in master classes, workshops and trainings. Next to this, our Creative Learning Lab offers services for pupils, teachers and school management in primary and secondary education.

VETLICAT (VET Linking Creativity and Advanced Technology) addresses creative industry professionals, both VET (vocational and educational training) providers and consumers such as artists, designers and creative sector decision makers. The project addresses the problem that existing VET scenarios do not blend effectively creativity with advanced technologies.

The main objective of the project is to work together in order to transfer and adopt elements of Waag’s Academy model. The consortium is composed of VET providers, creative sector operators and SMEs with compatible training experience as well as innovation needs. The specific objectives will be to transfer, localize and pilot-test selected training modules and learning tools. 

Waag transfers knowledge, methodologies and lessons learned in the form of modules on its projects on education and heritage, the Future of Arts and Science collaboration, Exergaming and PhDO. 

Within the project, e-books on Intercultural management experience, Interdisciplinary approach benefits and Transfer of Innovation will be developed and published.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Lifelong Learning programme - Leonardo da Vinci.