artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is intelligence exhibited by machines. In computer science, the field of AI research defines itself as the study of "intelligent agents": any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of success at some goal.


The artists duo Xin Liu and Gershon Dublon (slow immediate) gained a residency to create their project "The wandering mind".


Waag is pleased to announce Antti Tenetz as the recipient of the Supre:organism residency as part of our AI Lab.


No, the photo above is not a new photo of a black hole. It is the Amazon Echo Dot in the 'do not listen' mode.


What role are robots going to play in our educational system? We organised an evening around this question.


In the project AI AI Barbie we design new frameworks for responsible use of AI in toys with parents, children and experts from different disciplines.


What is the effect of algorithms on our society? Intern Mark van Koningsveld did research with Tinder chatbots that put users in a box.


Tomo Kihara graduated on the use of 'smart' security cameras in the city. He developed a game that makes us aware of all that supervision.


Marleen Stikker of Waag was a guest in a broadcast of Nieuwsuur dedicated to artificial intelligence.


Machines that think (2016), the compilation of responses received by Edge, is an effective medicine against the delusion that increasingly has come to dominate the discussion about AI. The book contains provocative questions, which often raise new and meaningful follow-up questions.


In Singapore, an experiment has started to measure air pollution by analyzing photos with artificial intelligence.