artistic research

Artistic research, also seen as 'practice-based research', can take form when creative works are considered both the research and the object of research itself. It is the debatable body of thought which offers an alternative to purely scientific methods in research in its search for knowledge and truth.


The artists duo Xin Liu and Gershon Dublon (slow immediate) gained a residency to create their project "The wandering mind".


Larisa Blazic is a London-based artist, feminist hacker and educator. She is currently artist in residence at the DECODE project.


Waag is pleased to announce Antti Tenetz as the recipient of the Supre:organism residency as part of our AI Lab.


The Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal recently published an element of Anna Dumitriu's FEAT residency outcome on its cover.


Kuang-Yi Ku is a Taiwanese practising dentist, bio-artist, social designer and co-founder of TW BioArt. In 2018, he is working as artist in residence at Waag.


Hannah took place at the dinner prepared by artist Pei-Ying Lin. About inventive recipes, raw eggs and the future of food.


On Thursday 16 November a performance by award-winning Slovenian artist Maja Smrekar will take place at Waag. Smrekar challenges us to rethink our attitude and relationships with other species.


Waag is initiating a brand-new format of inspiring talks this autumn and taking it on the road through Europe. How can science, technology and art interact more tightly, and how do they benefit from each other?


Can art help us to understand the ethical complexities of developments from the scientific frontier? The exhibition, Trust Me, I'm an Artist, explores the roles of the artists, scientists, institutions and public involved.


Supported by the 'Tijdelijke Binnenlandateliers' (temporary workspaces) call of the Mondriaan Fund, AGA Lab, Waag’s Fablab, Open Wetlab and Textile Lab offer their facilities and expertise to Debra Solomon, Kaleb de Groot and duo Eva Pel & Claudia Doms during a residency period of approximately two months, culminating in an exhibition.


Internationally renowned artists and Future and Emerging Technology researchers team up and work for 9 months together in the cross-disciplinary FEAT initiative.


Last weekend Agi Haines closed off her one year artist in residency. Visitors could take part in the exhibition ‘The anatomical lesson: dissecting medical futures’ by interacting with Agi’s sculptures.


In the weekend of 24 - 25 September the interactive exhibition ‘The anatomical lesson: dissecting medical futures’ by Agi Haines takes place in the Theatrum Anatomicum, in which historical anatomical lessons are linked to 3D printing and human modification.



Rare earth

For the three-day event 'What’s the matter with cooperation', I was invited by Belgian colleagues of Gluon partner organisation Buda in Kortrijk, to speak about the models of collaboration between the arts, and bio-sciences that Waag uses, such a critical making, probes for debate and our own method 'users as designers'.


The 3Package Deal is a collaboration between AFK and Bureau Broedplaatsen (BBp), in which international top talents from diverse art disciplines receive an annual development budget for a work and living space.


The next performance in the Trust Me, I'm an Artist (TMIAA) project will take place at the transmediale festival in Berlin. TMIAA focuses on the ethical issues that occur at the intersection of art, biotechnology, and biomedicine. Waag is a lead partner within the TMIAA project and Lucas Evers, head of our Open Wetlab, works closely with our artists in residence. Because Lucas has such a unique perspective on the initiative, I recently decided to interview him. The following is a condensed account of our conversation.


Agatha Haines is working as artist-in-residence at Waag's Open Wetlab this year, as part of the 3Package Deal program of the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.


We are deeply concerned about the imbalance in the arts funding in The Netherlands. The recent redeployment of resources seriously threatens to weaken the architecture, design and e-culture.


The creatieve sector is essential for the development of the city, states Kristien van de Oever in an opinion article in Het Parool (in Dutch). But the art and culture policy lacks vision.


“Larger processes of cultural significance”: this is what of the brochure of Gare du Nord contained and released in reference to the piece of Sonja Bäumel. This statement gained more significance from the second week of the exhibition period onwards as the artwork has indeed faced a growth that challenged its own structure, materials, its author, its environment, the other pieces in the show and all the different individuals related to it, such as the curator and all the visitors.


Louise Whiteley - Talk for opening of ‘The Romantic Disease’ at the Waag. As The Romantic Disease shows, bringing different eras together helps to reveal unexpected connections, confront alternative histories, show how our present perspectives could have been otherwise, and also to raise new possibilities for the future.


Waag presented the exhibition and workshop 'The Romantic Disease: An Artistic Investigation of Tuberculosis'.


We visited Mandy Smith, paper artist, in her Amsterdam workspace. Amongst Random Studio's 3D designers, tech equipment and hip studio space the designer stands out.


The Other Dinner was an experimental and interactive dinner that investigated our meat culture. We prepared and ate parts of the pig, cow, chicken or sheep that are normally intended for export or animal feed. Check out this video-report for a glimpse of the event.


The 'embodied learning'-installation that we built together with artist Marloeke van de Vlugt is now ready to be used in education.


A contribution by Laura Buijs, intern at Waag for COMMIT Play. This blogpost is only available in Dutch.


What does your urine say about you? More than a workshop that tries to do what science does better, Do It Together Bio is a series of workshops that stand for experiencing by making.


'Top sector creative industries incomplete without the arts. Artistic research is a source of unexpected inventions just like scientific research'. Opinion article written by Alexander Rinnooy Kan, Marleen Stikker and Paul Rutten.


On the 23rd of January 2013, the book Witnessing You, On Trust and Truth in a Networked World, was launched in de Appel arts centre in Amsterdam. The book presents the artistic research by 13 artists. This artistic research is fundamental to the unique interdisciplinary research programme Participatory Systems Initiative at TU Delft.


Last Friday the premiere of ‘PostNatural Organisms of the European Union’ took place in Amsterdam at Waag.