creative coding

Creative coding is a type of computer programming in which the goal is to create something expressive instead of something functional. It is used to create live visuals and for VJing, as well as creating visual art and design, art installations, projections and projection mapping, sound art, advertising, product prototypes, and much more.


White men are over-represented in the world of programming. That is a pity, programming is for everyone - says Erwin Rooijakkers.


The Fabschoolino is the ultimate gift for anyone who loves soldering, electronics, crafts and programming.


Through platforms such as vTaiwan and, the democracy of Taiwan is starting to make moves towards becoming one of the first liquid democracies in the world. This development did not happen out of nowhere.


Last month, Dutch and Finnish fellows and policy makers met during the Mindtrek conference and a code fellow training in Finland. The aim of this exchange was to compare routines and share successes. There was also a strong need felt to connect to the wider European community of civic hackers and people from the governments to learn from each other's work.


As a participant of both Hack the Brain 2014 and this year’s edition, I like to share my team’s (technical) experiences with coding rapid prototypes using EEG data from the Muse headset.


What better way of acquiring new ways of working than by simply doing it and learn form the experience? Without consciously knowing it, this is the principle behind the Code for Europe Fellowship program.


The project Code for Europe strives to change the way in which government handles IT projects. Or better yet, Code for Europe wants to solve city/civic challenges by building straightforward IT solutions, such as apps. Now there is a bold mission statement.


Programming is no longer restricted to programmers! On March 6, 2013 we held a workshop programming with Scratch in our series Fabschool Kids. Scratch is an application which learns children programming in a playful way.