creative research

A form of research that involves artists and designers in the process. Artists and designers know better than anyone that they must question technology in order to get to the bottom of things, overthrow sacred cows, stimulate imagination and fantasy, create unexpected connections, and—above all—search for meaning.


Visualised: the talks and exhibition held at Waag in the field of fashion, textiles and materials on March 7th, 2019.


Our colleagues at Tabakalera, the International Centre for Contemporary Culture of San Sebastián, have published the English version of From the Classroom to the Laboratory (Good Practices for Creating Education Laboratories) through its digital culture and technology laboratory (Hirikilabs).


From interactive playgrounds to online tools that predict future climate changes and apps that could prevent sport injuries. Just some examples of 50 innovative applications that were shown on 2 October 2014 during the The Big Future of Data event of the COMMIT/ research programme.


The Centre of Expertise of the HAN University of Applied Sciences (HAN) and Waag have started a cooperation from a shared vision on the future of education and learning.


To be honest, I had not heard of it before, but 14 November (last Thursday) was actually World Usability Day. One of its messages: "Human error is a misnomer - we don’t have to put up with products and services that don’t work well".


Jorn Dost talked to Neil Maiden about creativity as an export product, creativity in powerful short sessions and creativity within the project Collage.


Brainstorming, mind mapping and creative sessions; the Waag was for two days transformed in a “Risk free space to explore".


The Creative Learning Lab of Waag has published a special publication in Dutch on playful learning.



Men on Mars

In Berlin I recently spoke with Bas Lansdorp, initiator of the project Mars One. This private initiative aims to land four astronauts on Mars in April 2023 to live and work there. Permanently.


Trainee Jelmer der Maat developed a Kinect game for Waag that uses embodied learning. Kennisnet Innovation interviewed him and his supervisor Meia Wippoo about the project.


It is not always easy to express yourselve if someone asks you how you're doing. Often we just say ‘Everything is OK’. Sometimes it seems as if we do not want to bother explaining everything. The fact is that articulating a feeling or a state of mind is extremely difficult. If there was a way in which another person could experience what you feel, an explanation would no longer be required. In the pilot 'Play', which falls within the project 'Virtual Worlds for Wellbeing' of COMMIT, we develop an application that will do exactly that. Within this project Waag is developing an environment that encourages ‘embodied learning' and that stimulates young people in a fun way to work on their social and emotional development.


Creative Labs are work spaces or environments where creativity can be stimulated, where ideas or concepts can be developed, user research is done or physical prototypes or products are made. There are many Creative Labs in all sorts and sizes, spread throughout the country. In 2011, a Special Interest Group was established that brings all those people involved at these labs together. The participants meet a couple of times each year to exchange experience, share knowledge and explore the possibilities for further cooperation.


Waag presented a new publication titled 'Users as Designers, a hands-on approach to Creative Research'.


Government and business world should invest in creative and technological tools that suits the modern needs of students and pupils.