design thinking

Design thinking refers to creative strategies designers utilize during the process of designing. Design thinking is also an approach that can be used to consider issues, with a means to help resolve these issues, more broadly than within professional design practice and has been applied in business as well as social issues.


Meia Wippoo of Waag traveled to Uganda last summer to meet with the BigPicnic partner in the country. How are they implementing co-creation?


How can scientists, entrepreneurs, policy makers, citizens and creatives best work on solutions for urban issues together?


What is co-creation? How can the Co-creation Navigator facilitate this? Just two of the questions discussed during a first workshop at Waag.


In the project AI AI Barbie we design new frameworks for responsible use of AI in toys with parents, children and experts from different disciplines.


The Embassy of Health at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven showed how we can shape care together.


Zeven exhibits curated and supported by Waag at the exhibition 'Chronic Health' at the Dutch Design Week 2018.


In the Dutch project FIT we are aiming to support people who suffer from dementia and their carers in finding the right solutions in and around the home.


The rise of healthcare costs is an urgent national challenge. Possibilities to limit expenses are being explored by policy makers.


As part of the 3Package Deal 2016, experimental designer Frank Kolkman will start working at Waag, being one of the 15 artists selected for the programme.


How to approach increasing challenges in our communities? On November 10th, design-researchers gathered together for the symposium and workshop at Designing for the Common Good in the recently opened landmark, the Dr Chau Chak Wing of the University of Technology in Sydney, by the architect Frank Gehry


In 2015, we were part of the international Dutch Design Week again in Eindhoven. And for this occassion, we also replaced a part of our public activities to our Pet shop at the Klokgebouw, where it was all happening during the event.


In Sheffield (UK), the third European Design4Health-conference took place from 13-16 July 2015. The overall theme of this meeting was the synergy of the practice. Multidisciplinary collaboration in the field of design and healthcare was viewed from from different angles.


The Dutch television show called 'Het Klokhuis' brings an inspiring new series of five weekly episodes on design. This series is also connected to a unique design contest in which viewers are invited to design everyday household objects for a 'Klokhuis Design Diner' that will be exihibited during the Dutch Design Week 2015. Mickael Boulay of Waag is one of the designers that is a guest in the episode on 'Design Cutlery'.


This is day one of our 'Make the Future' workshop in Cairo, Egypt and right from the start, everyone is hands-on busy warming up.


A team of Waag travelled to Cairo, Egypt, to organize workshops in a series called 'Make the Future', commissioned by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).


The Design Academy Eindhoven and Waag organized a workshop on 4 March, 2014 about Product Service Systems (PSS) design in the age of digital fabrication - Who's designing now? This workshop aimed to explore this area with examples from Japan and Europe/N-America, and discussions about how to understand these in a PSS context.


Last month, a new project has started ‘design for community well-being’. In this project Waag, Delft Institute of Positive Design andt Stadsdorp Nieuwmarkt op zoek are going to explore the principles of happiness and well-being within a community.


To resolve complex societal issues, ‘social design’ comes to aid these days, in which artists and designers are asked to give their - often surprising - take on long-term problems that seem impossible to solve.


How to position yourself in the field of design research? As a researching designer of as designing researcher? This theme was explored at the third design research hotpot, that took place on Wednesday 19 June. This edition of the evening was organized at design agency Muzus in The Hague. Sanne and Neele welcomed the participants in their atmospheric studio, to involve them in an inspiring discussion.


Designer Mickael Boulay visited the symposium 'Design Through Exploration' for new inspiration on user-centered design'.


Producing shoes with a 3D printer (Pauline van Dongen) or getting a sneak preview of the latest fashion items on your smartphone and simultaneously feel the fabric. The mystical combination of technology and fashion is making waves in the design world. Technology opens up endless possibilities. But what does this new techno-fashion combination mean for the role of designers and the future of couture?


What if... you could capture your happiest moments for those moments your really need them most? On Thursday 14 March 2013, Waag was 'hacked' by happiness’.


On 14 March 2013, Pi Day, the Waag building was the arena for a design day around the theme of happiness.


Waag held a ‘Dynamic heritage and design thinking’ workshop at the kick-off meeting of the project meSch in Sheffield (UK). We applied a design thinking approach to share all the knowledge and ideas we already have and to create common ground for new ideas.


Nowadays, we can buy devices and machines of any kind and for almost any purpose, function or deficiency. However, or maybe because of this, many makers have devoted themselves to developing their own inventions.


At the second Design Research HotPot at Favela Fabric 18 industrial designers, design researchers, concept developers and other design professionals discussed the trends in their field and what role design research can play in it.


Brainstorming, mind mapping and creative sessions; the Waag was for two days transformed in a “Risk free space to explore".


Designbooks: Vogue and experts name their all time favourites. Bas van Abel, creative director of Waag, advises Next Nature.


“Hack a Dutch Design!” is the invitation of Astrid van Roij-Lubsen to the Chinese students of Tongji University, department of Design & Innovation.


Design And Emotion conference in London: inspiring keynote speakers dealt with the theme of "Out Of Control".


On Friday 25 June, the concept team of Waag organized a Design Research Hot Pot. Designers and researchers in the field of User & Design Research waren were invited to share insights, but also discuss the most important issues.


“Think big, start small and move fast.” With this credo Nicholas LaRusso, head of the innovation center of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, opened his keynote during the 19th International Student Congress of (bio)Medical Sciences at the Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen.


New applications ask for smart combinations of expertise, inspiration and a lot of perseverance. All of these are plenty available at the faculty Industrial Design (ID) of the Technical University Eindhoven (TU/e). Here, within a number of themes one works at new concepts and prototypes.