fab academy

The Fab Academy provides instruction and supervises investigation of mechanisms, applications and implications of digital fabrication. The Fab Academy was launched by MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms (CBA), to provide local access to advanced instruction for students in these labs exceeding the educational resources available to them. It links groups of students and instructors in Fablabs, with online video collaboration and lectures by a global faculty.


In 2019 it is again possible to follow the Fab Academy for five months at Fablab Amsterdam in the Waag. The deadline for applications for Fab Academy 2019 is December 25th 2018.


All participants of the Fab Academy 2018 have presented their projects. An overview of the graduates from Amsterdam.


For the 8th year in a row, a group of skilled students graduated from the Fab Academy at Waag. Students from 39 countries came together via a video conference to present their final projects to each other. In this 6 month-course students broaden their (mechanical) knowledge and learn how to work with the tools and machines that you find in a Fab Lab.


Waag proudly presented another group of Fab Academy students and their final projects. In an intense six month program the participants created projects such as the Leafbot, a robot that collects leaves from the ground, and the Item Watchman, that notifies you when leaving items behind in public.


Another year, another Fab Academy. Sitting in the anatomical theatre in the Waag building, we watched as intrepid makers from from Seoul to Nairobi presented the results of their hard work to the home Fablab at MIT. This year, over fifty Fablabs from around the globe tuned in to demonstrate their creations via webcam.


On June 4th, students of the Waag's Fab Academy (as well as several guests from other Fab Labs around Europe) presented their final projects to a global audience through a live video conference.


The Fab Academy has offered me the opportunity to not keep my ideas in my head forever, but to make them. Putting my own, tangible stamp on society.


This year Fab8, was held at the Massey University in Wellington New Zealand. The worldwide Fablab community is growing rapidly.


On 30 May 2012, through a live video link at the Theatrum Anatomicum of the Waag in Amsterdam more than 50 end presentations could be followed from fourteen Fablabs around the world. On the screen we jumped from that very special project on one end of the world to another at the other side.