In the performing arts, a performance generally comprises an event in which a performer or group of performers present one or more works of art to an audience. Usually the performers participate in rehearsals beforehand. A performance may also describe the way in which an actor performs. In a solo capacity, it may also refer to a mime artist, comedian, conjurer, or other entertainer.


Who are you when the lights go off? During Digital Masquerade, we explored the freedom of anonymity in a physical chatroom.


We all possess a set of brains which we gratefully use every day. But how does our brain actually work? And how does our fattest organ respond to (extreme) incentives like nudity, hard house music and complex mathematical problems? To investigate this, we decided to experiment. With real subjects.


A contribution by Laura Buijs, intern at Waag for COMMIT Play. This blogpost is only available in Dutch.


For years our two ScratchWorx installations were used as educational VJ/DJ-tools. One of the interactive consoles did even travel on a tour with rapper Ali B. And we held numerous workshops on several locations with them. But for some time already they were just gathering dust. Now, we've found a new destination for them.


On 10 and 11 January, twenty youngsters tested our new installation for the project Play. Concept developer Marise Schot describes the tests and the results.


Who searches for 'trans-dimensional portal' on the internet will quite soon be in esoteric circles, where it will be described as 'a gateway between universes'. At the 4K CineGrid Studio at the Waag in Amsterdam, developers are currently building an installation by that name. What can we expect there? Will we soon be able to jump into another dimension? Who knows.