public research

Public research is research primarily funded with public money and is carried out by public research institutions. In our case, it also involves an active role for citizens (like in citizens science). It the plays an extremely important role in innovation systems by ensuring the provision of new knowledge.


Meia Wippoo of Waag traveled to Uganda last summer to meet with the BigPicnic partner in the country. How are they implementing co-creation?


Twenty-five years since the rise of the internet, we find ourselves again at a crossroads, says our research director Chris Julien.


PublicSpaces puts the users first and wants to be an alternative for the current social networks.


'What is the public stack? How can we make the public stack a more viable alternative for the private one, without having to reinvent the wheel?'


How to enable journalists to gain insight in political influence networks by using open data? And how to allow journalists to research historical data on this subject? Clique is a journalistic research application to gain insight in the evolution of political networks.


Frank Kresin and Jorn Dost researched the role of Creative Labs in regard to Dutch education. They interviewed nine different labs across the country and presented the results at the Education Days 2012 (De Onderwijsdagen), on November 14th, 2012.


The Creative Learning Lab of Waag has published a special publication in Dutch on playful learning.