public research

Public research is research primarily funded with public money and is carried out by public research institutions. In our case, it also involves an active role for citizens (like in citizens science). It the plays an extremely important role in innovation systems by ensuring the provision of new knowledge.


Hidde Kamst examines a more cooperative city with a participatory model and some trade-offs that are involved in participation. 


Twenty-five years since the rise of the internet, we find ourselves again at a crossroads, states our Public Research agenda for 2019.


Meia Wippoo of Waag traveled to Uganda last summer to meet with the BigPicnic partner in the country. How are they implementing co-creation?


PublicSpaces puts the users first and wants to be an alternative for the current social networks.


'What is the public stack? How can we make the public stack a more viable alternative for the private one, without having to reinvent the wheel?'


To further aid the bottom-up maker education movement in The Netherlands, research is of importance. Commissioned by Platform Maker Education, two partner research groups have conducted a survey of maker education in the Dutch context.


Waag is one of the partners within the COMMIT research programme. The research results will be presented in the form of so-called Golden Demos, on 2 October at the 'The big future of data'-event that will be held for a wide audience at the location TrouwAmsterdam.


As part of the Smart Citizen kit project, the artists of Cascoland showed during "Fresh air!" in a public event on June 16th at the Nieuwmarkt what Coughing Shrubs are, how stressed a plant can be, and served a herby soup.


Together with Joes Janmaat (intern at Waag) and Helma van Rijn I travelled to Enschede, the Roessingh revalidation centre to propose a number of scenarios for e-health systems to a group of users


ePSI Platform published a report called 'Innovation Contests for Open Data Re-use', written by Antti Poikala en Frank Kresin (Waag). It can be downloaded under a Creative Commons Attribute license.


Frank Kresin and Jorn Dost researched the role of Creative Labs in regard to Dutch education. They interviewed nine different labs across the country and presented the results at the Education Days 2012 (De Onderwijsdagen), on November 14th, 2012.


The Creative Learning Lab of Waag has published a special publication in Dutch on playful learning.


Creative Labs are work spaces or environments where creativity can be stimulated, where ideas or concepts can be developed, user research is done or physical prototypes or products are made. There are many Creative Labs in all sorts and sizes, spread throughout the country. In 2011, a Special Interest Group was established that brings all those people involved at these labs together. The participants meet a couple of times each year to exchange experience, share knowledge and explore the possibilities for further cooperation.


Government and business world should invest in creative and technological tools that suits the modern needs of students and pupils.