social media

Social media are computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks.


A lawsuit filed against Facebook in the US because of sexist job ads exposes the discriminatory nature of online marketing.


Consider leaving Facebook? Maybe it's good to remember that you can do that best after May 25, 2018.




What do nicotine, Twitter, alcohol, Instagram, caffeine, and Farmville have in common? That you become easily addicted to them, and that they are an excellent source of income for their creators (except Twitter, maybe). Recently, a book was published on how to do just that: design apps and websites in such a way that people become captivated by their screens and smartphones.


Hans Schnitzler, philosopher and author of 'Het digitale Proletariaa't, shares the Dutch column he presented at the Facebook Farewell Party.


The Facebook Liberation Army kicked off their campaign to free the good citizens of Facebook from the platform's questionable governance. Those in attendance were encouraged to “fight the good fight” and do what's right by their social network.


Design is a process punctuated by feedback, experimentation, and iterations. But, it's a good hurt. Follow the design process of a poster for the Facebook Farewell Party.


The social network Facebook has been taken from us. Our timelines or no longer ours, we are presented with unwanted advertisements, our data is sold and our privacy is not guaranteed. The true commercial side of Facebook has reared it's ugly head.


We, the innocent users of the social networks, are being used: used by governments and big companies.


Twenty years after the launch of The Digital City (De Digitale Stad - DDS) it will get a place in the permanent collection of the Amsterdam Museum.


The Dutch society of botanical gardens (NVBT) has submitted the 'twitter tree', developed by Waag, as an exemplary dsign project.


Put the settings of Facebook and WhatsApp together and you can easily conclude that this leads to an even greater insight and use of your personal data.


The Circle follows 24-year-old Mae Holland, a graduate of Minnesota’s elite Carleton College, who lands a job at the “most influential company in the world” thanks to her old roommate and friend, Annie – an influential Circler in the company’s elite “Gang of 40”.


Almost everyone who is online knows the problem: before you know it you will have dozens of online accounts - but how to get rid of them?


Interesting pattern emerge of areas where Twitter is often (or not) used in a new set of maps.


Five masterstudents Communication Sciences (VU) have conducted a study from 14 till 20 January for our project Smart City SDK.


On the 26th of April I attended the debate 'The Power of Facebook' in the Waag. This debate was organized on the occasion of the publication "Friendship to the fair," a book by Peter Olsthoorn about the fastest growing social network in the world.