Technology is the collection of techniques, skills, s and processes used in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives, such as scientific investigation.


In 'Things Come Apart 2.0', photographer Todd McLellan records digital devices that he has taken apart.


Where are we currently in the GammaSense project? In what ways can we measure radiation? And the results of an online survey.


On November 17 it was thirty years ago that the Netherlands was connected to the internet.


A lawsuit filed against Facebook in the US because of sexist job ads exposes the discriminatory nature of online marketing.


Socrates Schouten gives you five priorities in using digital technologies for social innovation.


The last years have seen a growing number of DIY policing-apps assisting citizens in solving crimes themselves. Is this a good development?


An interview with Marleen Stikker about Waag as published by Pakhuis de Zwijger.


Waag and the Old Church (Oude Kerk) in Amsterdam are experimenting with adding visual layers to the visitors' experience in the building.


Only in very exceptional cases may the city outsource its ICT, Jelle de Graaf and Marleen Stikker are writing in an opinion article in newspaper Het Parool.


This has been a tough year for those who believe in the good in people. But there are a few positive notes, says Marleen Stikker.


The 'Future and Emergent Art and Technology' project has resulted in the publication of an illustrated catalogue, that documents the processes and outcomes of unique and in depth collaborations between artists and scientists.


This interview with Marleen Stikker was written together with Erica Meijers. It was published in the Dutch magazine de Helling, year 29/4. This issue was about big data.


In an open letter to the new cabinet in the making, six Dutch organisations give their advice regarding the digital developments in The Netherlands.


For children, the Internet is something that has always been there. Few children, however, learn how the Internet really works. Who is the boss? And how do you protect your personal data (or why this is relevant)?


How easy it is to follow a course at MIT, Skype to colleagues in Japan, conduct a worldwide business, or even find the perfect partner – all at marginal cost. Now this powerful network has reared it’s ugly head against us as it can store, analyse, classify and corrupt all our on-line activities without us even knowing.


The birth of the personal computer, the graphical user interface, the World Wide Web and the 'Internet of Things' have launched our global society into the so-called “information age”.