Wearable computers, also known as body-borne computers or wearables are miniature electronic devices that are worn under, with or on top of clothing.


FAKE IT/MAKE IT is the title of the third CRISP magazine, this issue is completely about prototyping in the design process.


On the18th of December 2013, a group of researchers, (fashion) designers, developers, entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals gathered in the historic Anatomical Theatre.


In the COMMIT/TOUCH project Waag is working towards solutions that help people to maintain their social relationships in a subtle, pleasant and intuitive way through tangible interactive objects.


The Sample Book made at Fablab Amsterdam includes samples of materials and new technologies to communicate the potentials to textile and fashion designers working at our Fablab.


How would you use a 3D printer, ricepaper and liquorice wheels to represent a system that encourages people to learn more about the origins of the food they eat? What if fruit, vegetables and cheese could ‘talk’ to you and tell you where they come from and how you can prepare them?


In a crowded Waag building, our workshop Beta Textiles, fabric and code took place on Friday 29th June, 2012. Fashion designers, architects, interaction designers, programmers and textile makers came together to find interesting combinations of fabric and technology. Thus were six mannikins dressed with creations like a self-shortening dress, a ‘pretty fly for a WiFi’- music waistcoat, or a garment that keeps you warm when walking around outside.


During the DEAF 2012 festival, project manager Isjah Koppejan saw some fine examples of the results that you get if you combine traditional textile crafts and modern manufacturing technology.