Blowup: Innovation in Extreme Scenarios

A debate, a discussion, a provocation — about contemporary approaches to innovation and the complex problem of how innovation works in the context of extreme scenarios. 

An over-the-top talk show set and festive drinks is the setting for a wide-ranging discussion around contemporary approaches to innovation: What are the best contexts for innovation to take place? What are the myths surrounding how innovation occurs? Does the pressure of an extreme scenario inspire innovative solutions, or only eccentric, unrealisable concepts? How can we use design thinking to propose solutions for the major extreme scenarios of our time?  A series of special guests will address aspects of innovation that they find the most compelling, urgent, contrarian, or interesting. 

Speakers: artist Geoff Lillemon, cultural economist Diane Ragsdale, architect Malkit Shoshan, urbanist Brendan Cormier, and project developer Sacha van Tongeren (Waag).

This event is part of a larger research project by V2_Lab into Innovation in Extreme Scenarios which will eventually comprise a publication, exhibition, and documentary film. Free entry.

25 October 2013
17.00-19.00 hrs

V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media
Eendrachtsstraat 10
3012 XL Rotterdam


V2_ Rotterdam