FairBnB #4: partnerships and prototype

Things are moving quick and we have a lot of work to do and many opportunities to face.

Although we are focusing in Amsterdam, we are aware that an alternative social-oriented platform for vacation rental must be global. For this reason, we are making partnerships with several cities with a similar situation and developing a joined strategy for the coming future. Three cities are specially active and interested in working together with Amsterdam towards a "Fairbnb": Venice, Barcelona and New York.

In this session we will speak about these partnerships and how we will work with them. In addition, we will also brainstorm about the ownership and voting models for the local cooperatives and their integration into a joined platform.

What is FairBnB? 
FairBnB is a movement that seeks to encourage vacation rentals that comply with the principles of a fair, non-extractive and collaborative economy. Some of the key questions are: How could these activities be managed to be beneficial to local initiatives and be kept from extracting values only for investors and speculators? How could they be managed so that visitors are encouraged to stay in those areas where they are not a disturbance, but beneficial to the neighbourhood?


Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR Amsterdam