Playing with impulses - Anne Ligtenberg
Anne Ligtenberg BY-NC-SA

Innovation for Health Design Expo

Paulien Melis of Waag will be part of the jury at the Innovation for Health Design Expo on 5 February 2015 in Amsterdam (RAI).

In order to gain innovative ideas and concepts within healthcare, creative people who are capable of thinking outside the traditional frameworks of the healthcare sector are essential. Therefore a cross-over with the creative sector is very valuable for developing innovations. To obtain interaction, Innovation for Health would like to give designers the opportunity to present their work in person at the exhibition of Innovation for Health 2015! These projects will consist of visual concepts showing an innovative solution for a current complex problem within Healthcare.

The best project will be awarded with advice and follow-up, the Innovation for Health Design Award. The jury consists of Paulien Melis (Waag), Johan Wagenaar (Het Instituut), Monique Reijnierse (LUMC) and will be led by Prof. Robert Zwijnenberg (The Arts and Genomics Centre (TAGC)).

The following projects will be shown at the RAI exhibition floor of Innovation for Health 2015:

  • Kimmy Ansems - Baboo
  • Kim Haagen - Thoughts of Depression 
  • Sandra Ramirez - Nurse 2.0
  • Marisya Janssen - Doctor + Patient
  • Louise Knoppert - Proef
  • Pamela Leon Loreto - Carpifix
  • Anne Ligtenberg - Playing with impulses (photo above)
  • Sascha Naji - Foodmate
  • Frenk Stokman - Water efficient sterilization for humanitarian aid
  • Jetske Visser - Forgotten Memory

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Amsterdam RAI, Elicium, Europaplein 22, 1078 GZ Amsterdam