Swartzshield Festival

In the footsteps of Aaron Swartz

Swartzshield is an immersive interactive experience in development. It will take you into the world of hacking, privacy and corruption. The concept combines fiction, non-fiction and user participation in a transmedia adventure for Internet freedom.

Triggered by the suicide of Aaron Swartz and inspired by his ideology, we dig deeper into the importance of copyright reform, information access, and Internet freedom. The story of Swartzshield affects all of us. Support our cause.

Become part of the movement! How? Join us at the Swartzhield Festival, which includes an expert session, inspiring talks and action!


11.00 Session with experts & hackers about internet freedom
11.30 Inspiring talks with experts from different industries, who will explain the value of an open Internet and the people who fight for it
14.30 Team up with creative minds & programmers to develop your own hack

Let's fix the Internet

This event is part of our Let's fix the Internet program. How public can the Internet still be called nowadays? What is its current state? What did 20 years of technology bring us? Throughout this year, we are hosting and organizing events to get answers to these questions, to take action were we can and to raise awareness about issues concerning the Internet and privacy.


Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR Amsterdam