Thingscon Salon #4 Eindhoven

Frank Kresin (Research Director) will speak at theĀ Thingscon Salon #4 in Eindhoven on July 8th, 2016. His contribution will be about the Making Sense project and the smart city.

The fourth edition of the Thingscon Salon will take place in Eindhoven, Strijp-S. This edition - organised in close partnership with VPRO Medialab - touches the theme of the role of the design of our connected world in relation to the smart society.

Thingscon Salon is a monthly focused event, organised by the team of Thingscon Amsterdam, the successful conference on the designing and making of the new connected things. One of the key parts are the in-depth workshops that cover several topics and connect the community. These workshops are the base for the Thingscon Salon.

17.30 welcome by Iskander Smit (Thingscon Amsterdam) & Ton van Gool (VPRO Medialab)
17.45 workshop findings by Scott Smith
18.00 case study Lorna Goulden - The Things Network Eindhoven
18.15 case study Dries de Roeck - C3PO
18.30 case study Peter van Waart - OnsBlok
18.45 case study Jeroen Barendse - The Civic City
19.00 short break
19.15 cace study Klaas Kuitenbrouwer - De Staat van Eindhoven
19.30 Frank Kresin - The Smart Cities, making sense
20.00 Rob van Kranenburg, closing reflections
20.15 closing and start drinks


Keukenconfessies, Klokgebouw 127, Eindhoven