Bio-Solar Cells
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Artwork by Adam Zaretsky causes embarrassment at ministry

Genetically modified embryos of Zebrafish injected with GMO algae are playing an important role in the artwork Errorarium by Adam Zaretsky. Organisms that might hold the key to solve our future energy problems. In the exhibition 'Ja Natuurlijk' (Yes naturally) we wanted to show these to the public and asked for permission from the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

We are at this moment still waiting for an answer, as the ministry does not reply, although the official term of 180 days has already past for a long time now. Missed opportunity or maybe time for an interesting debate?

Here are some sources with documents and video on the topic:

BioSolar Cells: Making a Field for Interpretation Two Year Report and Proposal for Future Research (pdf)
Letter to the ministry
Twelve page extensive arguments to the public
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Errorarium bij Ja Natuurlijk
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