Bio Art & Design Award 2014

EUR 75,000 prize money available for three teams of artists/designers and scientists.

The successful Designers & Artists For Genomics Award (DA4GA), the unique competition that encourages young artists internationally to discover and further develop the world of bio art and bio design, will be continuing under a new name: Bio Art & Design Award.

The tried and tested formula will remain the same: artists/designers from the Netherlands and abroad are invited to propose a new work that they want to develop in collaboration with teams of renowned Dutch scientists. Those who find their scientific match in the matchmaker meeting and come up with a joint proposal are eligible for the actual execution of their plan. An international panel of judges, led by William Meyers, will choose 3 winners from the jointly developed proposals. The prize money is set for EUR 25,000 per project.

In addition to a new name, the Bio Art & Design Award has also found new partners this year in the research funders NWO and ZonMW and in art space MU from Eindhoven. As one of the four main presentation institutions in the Netherlands, MU is characterised by its hybrid programming. This makes MU a great match for bio art and bio design. In addition to coordinating the competition, MU will also ensure that the winning projects are embedded and presented in a leading bio art and bio design exhibition from the end of November 2014. This will take place at MU in the Strijp S area, in a former Philips factory building.

Parties who have made the Bio Art & Design Award possible include ZonMW, NWO, MU and Waag.