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Data collection by the government

Three weeks ago I wrote how I had sent a large number of requests to several governmental institutions like the Tax Office, the Social Security services and the police, in an attempt to find out what data the government has collected about me. Based on the law, I have the right to ask for a full and understandable overview of all the information that has been recorded about me. From in total 18 organisation that I wrote to, only five have answered so far, but they still have about a week to react within the official term of four weeks.

While I was waiting for my requests, I started an online search, to begin with the official website mijn.overheid.nl. This website offers the opportunity to find your personal information. Useful, but unfortunately, it does not offer a complete overview of all the personal data that the government collects.

Interested in reading more about my hunt for personal data? Turn to the Dutch version of this blog post to read more.