Expeditie naar planet B: Maker Festival Twente
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Expedition to planet B: Maker Festival Twente

In 2022, Waag Futurelab will explore how we can make the future open, fair and inclusive by looking at our systems in a new way. What if we no longer take the growth of the economy as our goal, but, for example, solidarity, circularity or making sure we can still breathe oxygen in 2090? What if we look at value in a completely different way? What if we completely redesigned our economic system, with community and nature at its center?

At the Maker Festival Twente, Waag Futurelab and TETEM joined forces: as part of Waag's expedition to planet B we presented two special new forms of games that get you thinking about our economic value system. Thinking up your own rules serves as a metaphor for shaping the world around you.

In the following instructables (in Dutch) you learn how to make this discussable in the classroom, at home or during a workshop, suitable for children aged 6-10 years. Use one of the parts as a conversation starter or combine all parts to create a complete program.