Fab Academy project of Anne Vlaanderen (2019)
Anne Vlaanderen BY

Fab Academy in Elektor Magazine

Thanks to Elektor Magazine and author Tessel Renzenbrink the article 'Fab Academy - a crash course in digital fabrication' is now available in four languages as pdf. The Fab Academy is organised annually by Neil Gershenfeld from MIT and Waag's Fablab is traditionally one of the nodes where the course can be followed.

Quote from the article:

"A fully automatic cocktail mixer from France, a computer controlled calligraphy machine from Japan, a CNC machine from Peru. It's week 17 at the Fab Academy and students from around the world are showing the machines they have built in the online classroom. Each team has been allocated two minutes to present their project on the live stream. This is followed by some tips, compliments and occasionally some criticism (“it clearly needs more work”) from Professor Neil Gershenfeld, the director of Fab Academy."

You can register for the Fab Academy from September via the website fabacademy.org, the course itself runs from January to June the following year.