Fabbed food
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Fabbed food

Intern Claudia Bos reports:

On May 9th our first Waag Open – Get Together was held. We invited about 70 interns and artists who work or have worked at Waag. Eventually we had a group of about 20 people, which made it an intimate evening. The theme of this first edition was get to know each other (again). And… there was a special in the Fablab where you could digitally fabricate your food with the lasercutter, shopbot or 3d-printer: Fabbed food!.

We started of the evening with a DIY dinner and drinks in the Zuidlab. After everybody was done eating and catching up we started in the Fablab. Everybody brought some food we could fabricate. From 'frikandellen' (a Dutch delicacy) and eggs to mushrooms and mint leaves. After everybody picked out the kind of food they wanted to use, everybody got to work! It was a fun and funny evening, a lot of different things were created and everybody had different ideas. Here you can see some of the results (more photos at Flickr):

The purpose of this evening was to keep in touch with everybody and to maintain the network that comes from working at the Waag. Each Waag Open – Get Together can have a different theme. People can also organize their own Waag Open – Get Together. So we hope to see you all again at the next Waag Open.