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How to end poverty: Abdelhamid Idrissi

At only 33 years old, Abdelhamid Idrissi has already received many awards. Every day, he strives for equal opportunities for everyone, and an end to poverty. Children who grow up in poverty are under a lot of pressure. With his Studiezalen foundation, Idrissi provides these children with a place they can go to - not only so they can study in quiet, but also to bond with their own life coaches who can help them deal with problems that are imminent in their families. The goal? That is for the whole family to sleep well at night. Only then, there can be space for the child to really develop his or her talents.

'There is still so much unseen and unheard. That has to come together better.'

Earlier this year, Idrissi's FRIS Supermarkt initiative could also take off. Through crowdfunding, this supermarket for a head-first and dignified approach to poverty was launched. Idrissi is also an advisor on inequality of opportunity and Professor of Practice at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam on the theme of Diversity & Inclusion - making him a direct colleague of Waag's director Marleen Stikker. In the latest episode of the Planet B podcast, Abdelhamid Idrissi talks about his holistic approach and fantasises about a better planet with host Tonya Sudiono.

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Please note that this episode is recorded in Dutch.



By: Tonya Sudiono and Bouwe van der Molen
Editing: Bouwe van der Molen
Jingle: Milan Breukers