Human-Human interface @ Zapplive

Pieter van Boheemen

For the second time I was a guest at Zapplive, a live broadcasted show on Dutch television. This time I worked with the kids on an experiment in neuroscience. With a simple setup you can show how the brain is controlling our muscles. Every move we make starts at our brains: from kicking a ball to making a boxing movement.

With a small computer and some band-aids with electrodes you can 'tap' these signals (or frequencies) and send them to the muscles of someone else. You can move the hand of someone sitting next to you. At BackYard Brains (Neuroscience for everyone!) they developed a kit for this experiment, called the 'Human-Human interface' (has a price tag of $259.99). 

About the author

  • Pieter is a hacker, artist, engineer, researcher and teacher driving forward Free & Open Source Technologies as a catalyzer for social innovation.