Nature Trail
Great Ormond Street Hospital BY

Interactive distraction artwork for children in hospital

An interactive installation in a normally very dull hospital corridor offers children a welcome distraction on their way to the operating theatre. Jason Bruges Studio has created an interactive ‘distraction artwork’ at Great Ormond Street Hospital, designed for patients aged 1-16.

The installation, called The Nature Trail, runs along a 50m length of corridor and aims to create a calming and engaging route to surgery. The installation features illuminated and interactive animal characters, including hedgehogs, horses and rabbits, which appear in a forest and foliage wallpaper. The animals come to life when sensors in the ceiling sense movement below.

The images are animated using integrated LED panels – 70 LED panels using a total of 72 000 LEDs have been installed. These are embedded into the wall at varying heights in order to be accessible at different eye levels. The director of the hospital is very satisfied with the installation and says that The Nature Trail on the journey to theatre is an effective piece for patients.

Watch the video here: The Nature Trail - Jason Bruges Studio.