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Linkx helps children with autism

Today, we found an article in the Dutch magazine Computer Idee that is interesting for more than one reason. It's about Linkx, one of the six winners of the most recent edition of the 'Mobiles for Good Challenge', that we organized together with Vodafone Foundation, for start-ups that aim to solve societal issues with mobile technology. Linkx won thirty thousand euro and gets four months of support to bring the product on the market.

The other reason is that Linkx is an initiative of Helma van Rijn, who until this year worked at Waag as concept developer. The article features an interview with Helma (available in the Dutch version of this blog). Great to see that she can realize her dream (dating back to 2007) with the currently available technology (iBeacons+app).

What is Linkx?

Many children with autism struggle with learning to speak. They need extra time to process information. Spoken language is particularly difficult, that's why Linkx makes spoken words tangible. It will be available in 2016. More information can be found at the website.