Listening to music with Pringles

Our favourite children’s TV-show Zapplive offered us some tips on clothing, a quiz on fishing, and a do-it-yourself on how to built a speakerbox from a can of Pringles or milk carton.

Last year my colleagues Bas and Marieke showed you how a 3D printer works and how to built a Drawdio (pencils that make noise) in Zapplive. This time I was invited. For a week, I ate loads of Pringles and drank some fair amount of milk.


Start by collecting these items on your desk:

  • an empty can of Pringles or milk carton
  • a mobile phone
  • a marker and scissors
  • thumbtacks
  • toiletpaper

Interested in learning how you can build a speaker yourself? Download the manual here to figure out how it works (in Dutch only, sorry).