Brainwash talk Marleen Stikker

Marleen Stikker visiting editor-in-chief De Groene

Marleen Stikker, director of Waag Futurelab, is visiting editor-in-chief of the summer issue of De Groene Amsterdammer. The theme of this extensive Summer edition is: other intelligence.

Read the editorial Marleen Stikker wrote for this edition, already online at De Groene Amsterdammer in Dutch: 'Het tosti-ijzer als summum'.

In addition to the printed issue, Waag and De Groene organised a live magazine on July 13 at the Waag in Amsterdam. Have a look at the photos made this evening by Lotte Dale.

Other intelligence

When we talk about intelligence and the future, we hear a lot of frightening images about AI and systems that are smarter than us humans. But isn't our intelligence in our guts, rather than in our brains, let alone in a computer? And what about non-human intelligence? Isn't nature's problem-solving ability a better compass to sail on than ChatGPT?