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Meet the FEAT artists and projects

The Future and Emerging Art and Technologies project – in short FEAT – partners some of Europe’s most innovative scientists with artists working at the cutting edge of technology. The goal? To create a productive atmosphere where both parties can learn from one another. Over the nine-month residency period, the participating artists will learn new skills and work with novel materials while the scientists gain new perspectives and learn new ways to bring their work to the public.

We have created a booklet to present the participating artists and scientific projects of FEAT. You can download a free copy (pdf) to get an impression of the project.

Download FEAT brochure (A5, pdf)


Out of 264 promising artist applications, the five best were chosen for a FEAT residency. At a matchmaking workshop in Amsterdam they were introduced to 18 FET projects interested in hosting an artist. Our FEAT artist partner residency will be taken on by Anna Dumitriu, bringing the total number of funded residencies to six. The following teams will be working together:

  • Anna Dumitriu (UK) and MRG-Grammar – new strategies for deciphering gene regulation
  • Ruth Jarman & Joe Gerhardt (Semiconductor, UK) and QuProCS – quantum simulations and quantum computing
  • Evelina Domnitch & Dimitry Gelfand (Belarus/Russia) and RySQ – developing quantum simulators with Rydberg atoms
  • Pinar Yoldas (USA/TR) and DIACAT – novel ways of catalytic CO2 conversion
  • Špela Petrič & MihaTuršič (Slovenia) and INTERTWINE & Mango – future high power Exascale computing systems
  • Vicky Isley & Paul Smith (boredomeresearch, UK) and subcultron – underwater, self-learning swarm robotics



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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 686527.