Nederland Opent published

On February 6th, 2013 the first copy of the book 'Nederland Opent' was handed out to His Royal Highness prince Constantijn der Nederlanden. This Dutch publication, written by Carlien Roodink, describes the background of the project 'Nederland Opent Data' and puts open data in a historical perspective. The main part of the book is reserved for fifty stories written by people who have worked with open data in practice.

Carlien Roodink: "Open data is the resource to build upon. By opening up data for the use by third parties, an enormous potential of creativity can be made available."  

Nederland Opent

The publication has been printed in a small number to provide participants and stakeholders with a copy. For the public, the publication has been made accessible in various ways: as an online publication, made by Media Republic, and as a downloadable pdf that can be distributed under a Creative Commons license. The book can also be ordered by printing-on-demand. Waag has delivered three articles for the book: Frank Kresin wrote about Apps for Amsterdam, Ivonne Jansen-Dings about Arts Holland and Tom Demeyer about the Shared Data Store.

Nederland Opent by Carlien Roodink
180 pages, ill., Feb 2013

Waag made the book design, Media Republic the online publication (no longer available). There is no English translation of the book available. The publication was made possible by a contribution of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.