Open Schooling Navigator

The Open Schooling Navigator is a website where you can find inspiring teaching materials for making education beyond school walls. The Navigator is intended to guide teachers and other education professionals through the concept of Open Schooling. In it, schools are used as active players in neighbourhood well-being. In the learning scenarios from the Open Schooling Navigator, pupils work on concrete assignments involving creative solutions to neighbourhood challenges.

This interactive online platform contains all kinds of materials: existing learning scenarios as well as the possibility to customise or design learning scenarios yourself. The existing learning scenarios have been designed and tested by teachers and pupils from four different countries. Four learning scenarios were designed and tested by Montessori school De Regenboog and the lr. Lely Lyceum in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost.

Start small? Try out a single Open Schooling activity. Each learning scenario consists of six or more learning units. These are presented in a clear way and offer you the chance to become acquainted with making education outside school walls.

Open Schooling Navigator

For whom?

The Open Schooling Navigator is intended for teachers and schools: it allows them to start their own open schooling projects both during and after the project. Besides Dutch, the Navigator is also available in seven other languages: English, Greek, Spanish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Romanian and Swedish. 





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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 872106.