Prototype meSch on video

How can you tell the story behind an object in a museum? The classic way would be to place a card next to it with an explanation, or to give the item a number to be looked up in a catalogue. Of a more recent date are audio tours or explanations on your smartphone. For the European project meSch, together with museum staff, heritage specialists and curators, we searched for new ways to further enhance the way we can tell the stories of objects. 

This search has resulted in a prototype in the shape of a magnifying glass, that makes it possible to bring object to life with images, overlays, animations, text and of course the magnifying function to show more details. Our developers recently worked on the interaction model at the Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam. To demonstrate the prototype, the project team made this video:

Concept development: Dick van Dijk, Karien Vermeulen, design: Mickael Boulay, developer: Lodewijk Loos, project manager: Esther v.d. Bijl-Wind