Re-watch the State of the Internet 2024 with Kim van Sparrentak

On 2 May 2024, Waag Futurelab organised for the sixth time the annual lecture The State of the Internet, in which major issues of privacy, platformisation, self-determination and digital rights are discussed. 

“Who is afraid of Big Tech?” – Kim van Sparrentak


This year, European parliamentarian Kim van Sparrentak led the lecture. Among other things, she was involved in the AI Act, the initiative proposal on ‘addictive design of online services’, and advocates reducing the power of Big Tech by developing laws and regulations. Also participating in the panel discussion were Naomi Appelman (chair of Racism and Technology Center), Sander van der Waal (Research Director Waag Futurelab), Ilyaz Nasrullah (podcast creator and tech columnist for Trouw). 

Video of The State of the Internet 2024 (in Dutch)

Photos of The State of the Internet 2024 

Read more about Kim van Sparrentak's lecture in the article by Dutch news platform Brussels NieuweOp Campagne – kandidaten vallen grote bedrijven aan en Europa naar de straat’ (in Dutch). 

About Kim van Sparrentak

Kim van Sparrentak studied Political Science and Urban Environmental Management and was active as a duo chair at DWARS Amsterdam during her studies. After her studies, she worked as a researcher and as a campaigner at Milieudefensie and WISE, and as duo chair for the Young Greens (FYEG). There, she represented more than 10,000 green young people in Europe. Kim has been an member of the European parliament for GroenLinks since 2019.

The State of the Internet 2024 is organised by Waag Futurelab, the Amsterdam Public Library (OBA) and the City of Amsterdam. Media partner of the State of the Internet is: De Groene Amsterdammer.