Science learning initiatives outside the classroom: put yourself on the map!

Education in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) is crucial in preparing Europe’s next generation of citizens, researchers and innovators for the challenges ahead. Learning is becoming less institutionalized. It takes place at many places, inside and outside the school classroom. That is why we, as part the European project SySTEM 2020, want to gain more insight in science learning outside the classroom. And you can contribute to this!

We invite STE(A)M learning initiatives that operate outside the classroom to put themselves on the SySTEM 2020 map by filling in our questionnaire. The map is an interactive data visualisation through which you can explore organisations and STE(A)M activities across Europe. Put your activity on the map and gain insight in other science learning activities, gain visibility in this Europe-wide network and expand your network. The information gathered will be used in scientific research to ultimately advise and influence policy on both a regional and European level.

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We are looking for organisations that offer science learning outside the classroom, such as after school programmes, summer camps, libraries, musea, makerspaces, festivals, popular magazine’s, vloggers, blogs or other initiatives that offer STE(A)M activities.

Science learning outside the classroom

SySTEM 2020 is on a mission to identify and better understand the impact of science learning practices across Europe. Little is known about science learning initiatives outside the classroom while it is crucial in educating and forming Europe’s next generation of citizens, researchers and innovators. By gaining insight in initiatives all around Europe, SySTEM 2020 wants to gain a better understanding of the types and kinds of programmes in operation, learn from each other, and collaborate to be able to respond to challenges ahead.

Add your organisation and activities!

You can put your organisation and your activities on the SySTEM 2020 map by filling in the questionnaire, which takes 20-30 minutes. First you fill in information about you organisation after which questions regarding a specific activity will follow. Based on the 'Activity form' we can visualise your activities on the map while comparing and connecting them with other organisations. All submitted activities will become part of the data visualisation of STE(A)M activity in Europe.

De SySTEM 2020 kaart: interactive datavisualisation

The SySTEM 2020 map is an interactive data visualisation that provides an overview of STEAM- activities outside the classroom in Europe. This database functions as point of validation and inspiration for all science learning activities. Additionally the database is a starting point for scientific research in which science learning across Europe.