Teachers learn to code in CodePower

If code is the language of the future, then teachers should be the first to learn how to read and write it. In order to get them familiar with digital languages, Waag collaborated with CodeUur to develop a special programming course for primary school teachers: CodePower. On September 14th, the first workshop will start at the Waag. 

Get busy with creative technology
Within five different sessions they will dive into the basics of coding. Schoolbooks will make place for Arduino’s and the traditional alphabet is traded for zeros and ones. We approach digital technology in a playful way, and try to incorporate the personal interests of all teachers. Together with the teachers we will translate all the coding knowledge in to handy tools and challenging lessons for kids in the age of 8-12 years.

“Every kid should be in position to get to know coding and creative technology. Therefore we need to guide their teachers through a new range of essential digital skills. With the CodePower course we truly want to make the difference by helping educational professionals mastering the basics of programming”, explains head of Waag’s Creative Learn Lab Karien Vermeulen.  

The Creative Learning Lab has more on offer to open up technology for a future generation. This fall we will kick-off the second edition of FabSchool. We will also organize the first Teacher Maker Camp, that aims to inspire teachers to integrate maker education in their classrooms.