Hoofdbeeld Research Agenda 2022-2024

Waag: Research Agenda 2022-2024

Waag is a Futurelab for technology and society. Building on 25 years of experience in design and artistic research for an open, fair and inclusive society, the foundation of Waag's research is set in her Research Agenda. Here, we establish the concepts on which Waag's practice is built and the research questions the labs will be focusing on in the coming years.

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As per 2021, Waag obtained the status of Futurelab from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. A Futurelab is 'a centre for the future-oriented development of design, and for the use of design and technology for solving societal challenges.' Three pillars are at the core of Waag's interpretation of her role as a Futurelab: the public- and presentation programme, her function as a platform on the crossings of art, technology, design and science, and her research, based on the Public Research approach.