Waag Talks Waag Makes Waag Shares coronacrisis

Waag in times of the corona crisis

Waag has been researching the role of technology in society for over 25 years. We look into how to get a grip on this and to be in charge of our digital future. The current situation surrounding the corona virus leads to questions that are part of our research. What role can technology play in times of the corona pandemic? What does the maker movement do to help? Which technologies can we use to continue working from home? How do we keep our kids busy while still stimulating their creativity? What initiatives have been set up globally to fight this crisis?

To keep our work in times of digital contact clear and shareable, we have organised it through three pillars. This way, we will keep you updated over the following weeks and we will share as many relevant information with you as possible.

‘Waag makes’
Making is in our DNA. In our Fablab, we look at ways to use our creativity and production capacity to the benefit of healthcare professionals and other vital professions like the police. Waag is in close contact with many maker communities around the world. Next to this, we have an archive of instructables available that allow you to ‘do it yourself’. Through our pillar Waag Makes, we will share as many as possible during these times. This way, our ‘thuismakers’ can get to work and we hope to inspire you to become a maker yourself.

‘Waag shares’ 
Waag is a part of dozens of partnerships around the world. That is how we come across many interesting articles, videos and other materials that we’d like to share with you. Through our social media channels, we will share extra information in order to make sure our followers get the same information as we do.

‘Waag talks’ 
Next to our love for making and sharing, we also would love to talk to you. That’s why, the coming weeks, we’re organising extra lectures and interactive sessions through various online channels. By giving the stage to experts with interesting initiatives and involving our followers into the dialogue, we hope to facilitate a conversation about possible solutions.