Expeditie: toekomst - Toekomstwandeling
Wardie Hellendoorn BY-NC-SA

Walk towards the future with Waag

Waag is a Future Lab for technology and society. Because the corona crisis had us all taking walks, Waag thought we would take that opportunity to create meaningful conversations about the future. Therefore, we created four thematic walks, that can be done on various locations in the Netherlands. During these walks, that can be done in your own time with one or more conversational partners, you discuss the future and share your input with Waag. Because ultimately, Waag wants to know what the desired future of the Netherlands looks like. Therefore, we collect individual, thematic views on the future, that will be bundled and formed into a navigator for the future during our four-day event in September, Expedition: future.

The four thematic walks are available in Dutch, and you can read more about them via the link below. Their themes are the futures of: data, the land, the North Sea, and the smart city.

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