Open, fair and inclusive visual

Welcome at the all new Waag

We turned a page in our history. We shortened our name to just Waag - with the subtitle technology & society. And from 19 March 2018 it comes with a new website, made in our new visual identity.

Our new visual identity expresses the core values of Waag: open, fair, & inclusive. Besides the use of white (the visual translation of 'open') and black, the group colours red, yellow, turquoise and purple will appear as accents in all our graphic materials.

The categorisation of our new website also directly clarifies what we do: we make, we code, we learn, we care. Our existing and future research labs will be part of one of these groups from now.

Much attention was paid to keeping links working. This is not as self-evident as it may seem. Every day, we notice that entire websites, pages and documents disappear from the web without a trace. We have done our utmost to set a good example in this respect, migrating more than 5,000 pages from our old website.

Our new website uses open-source software and is free of privacy-unfriendly trackers, of course. We are obliged to do so. We hope you will enjoy our new website, but if there might be something wrong or missing, we love to hear from you.