Open Wetlab

The Beauty Kit presentation

28-12-18 16:30 - 28-12-18 18:00
M4gastatelier, Da Costakade 158-IV, 1053 XC Amsterdam

On Friday, December 28th, at 4.30 pm Isabel Burr Raty will present her ongoing research project The Beauty Kit at M4gastatelier and tell about the results of the durational collective body art performance The Beauty Kit Female Farm that took place from December 16-22th.

The Beauty Kit Female Farm is an eco-friendly cognitive-pleasure oriented farm that harvests female sexual fluids to produce beauty bio-products.


  • 4.30 PM Tour by Isabel through The Beauty Kit Female Farm 0.2
  • 5.00 PM Drinks & discussion

This artistic research project was supported by: Waag, Mediamatic, AFK 3Package Deal, M4gastatelier, WAB Nadine Belgium, ZSenne Art lab Brussels and the Flemish Ministry of Culture Belgium.