Kara Tepe Refugee Camp in Lesvos-Greece
for making the future

Becoming A Decision-Making Citizen

How can you help to create cities that are future proof, livable and inclusive?

Cities in the Netherlands are increasingly becoming ‘smarter’. What does the increasing amount of smart (digital) technology in the public space mean for individuals, neighborhoods and communities? Does it strengthen communities? Does it meet the needs of people? Is it accessible?

Although technology giants, governmental authorities and cross-European councils are highlighting the potential of smart technology to connect us to the world and meet Global Sustainable Goals, inequality, isolation and even marginalisation are widespread.

This workshop by LATRA (Lesvos-Greece) is meant to empower you to become a ‘Decision-MAKING’ citizen, capable of prototyping solutions to enhance cultural and environmental resilience, improving the well-being of communities and future-proofing access for all. During a hands-on interactive game, participants will assume the role of a city council, and make decisions about the implementation of a tangible real-life solution towards making Amsterdam liveable, inclusive and resilient.

There are limited places available for this workshop. Register here. The programme is in English.

By participating you also help LATRA to develop the workshop format. LATRA is a social innovation creative agency, based in Lesvos-Greece, working towards empowering vulnerable refugees to overcome exclusion and marginalisation. They are active in the refugee camp in Lesvos, where they run a maker space. The workshop format will be put in practice there.


  • 19:00 Doors open
  • 19:30 Welcome & introduction
  • 19:35 Presentation of the ParsProToTo City by LATRA
  • 19:50 Interactive game
  • 20:50 Discussing the experience of citizen ownership
  • 21:00 Closing & drinks


LATRA is a social innovation creative agency, based in Lesvos-Greece, working towards empowering vulnerable refugees, to overcome exclusion and marginalization by enhancing their 21st century Decision-Making Skills. In order to assist their process of innovation, over the past year, LATRA has undertaken extensive research in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven, on how Dutch Cities are enhancing their resilience, in order to transfer this knowledge back to the refugee camps where they are working. The project will be exhibited during Dutch Design Week 2019.

Want to know more about LATRA’s work? Visit their website or their social media!




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