Creative Learning Lab

CodeWeek 2015

9-10-15 23:00
Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR Amsterdam

The European #CodeWeekEU 2015 runs from 10-18 October this year: over 1500 events bringing the digital world to life – across the EU and countries from Norway to Turkey.

During this week our programmes CodePower, FabSchool Kids are part of the CodeWeek, while our Teacher Maker Camp includes a section on programming.

The spotlight on coding comes as seven European education ministers have already incorporated compulsory coding into their school curricula, with another five countries offering it as an option in schools. There is a toolkit for kids, adults, parents, teachers and businesses on how to get involved!

As Neelie Kroes said about this initiative: "Coding is the new literacy – a fundamental set of skills for girls and boys alike. It’s not a boring computer science lesson, it's a way to make all subjects more interesting. So join an event near you and boost your understanding of the digital world.”

All European events are gathered at the website of CodeWeek.