Designing a Community of Care: From creative research to practice

During the 2018 Dutch Design Week, Waag and the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie will organise 'Designing a Community of Care: From creative research to practice', in collaboration with Aedes-Actiz Knowledge Center for Living-Care and Atelier Rijksbouwmeester: Team Who Cares.

We're re-inventing the healthcare sector in The Netherlands. Aging, decentralisation and technological developments are straining the existing healthcare systems in our neighbourhoods. But Waag and the Stimuleringsfonds believe in the power of design in the field of care during this time of transition in the area.


While the programme is still under development and will be announced shortly, this is what you can expect at the event:

  • An inspiring keynote lecture by Prof. Paul Chamberlain, design director of Lab4Living at Sheffield Hallam University, and Dr. Claire Craig, health director of Lab4Living.
  • Meeting other interested parties, including health care professionals and designers.
  • A tour of 'Chronic health', an exhibition at the Embassy of Health about the role of designers in healthcare.
  • Would you like to build a community of practice together with us?

Designing a community of care

The reason for this event is the Open Call: Designing a Community of Care, which the Stimuleringsfonds issued in the spring of 2018. Thirteen projects are currently under way in which designers are working on solutions to the changing healthcare landscape along with municipalities, healthcare providers and housing corporations in the area. More information can be found via [this link].

Good design can make a big difference in society, but how do design practices and processes address the challenges of the 21st century? Paul Chamberlain states that good design is as much about defining the question as it is about providing the answer, and that interdisciplinary collaboration should be the starting point for new creative possibilities. Claire Craig gained experience in promoting the well-being of the elderly in her previous position as an occupational therapist in the healthcare sector. Craig believes that good design plays a key role in this goal.

Exhibition: Chronic Health

The Embassy of Health is an initiative from Waag, VanBerlo, Philips, Máxima Medical Centre, U Create and the Dutch Design Foundation. The exhibition, 'Chronic Health', demonstrates how we can shape healthcare together. In the exhibition, we demonstrate how healthcare products and services are not isolated, but interact within a complex care environment. The exhibition immerses visitors in an interactive environment and lets them experience what the role of design for healthcare currently is and what it could be in both the near and far future.

Sign up

The event is free of charge. You can register by sending an e-mail to the Stimuleringsfonds. Mention your name, position and organisation. The registration is completed in the order of receipt.


Innovation Powerhouse (Strijp-T), Zwaanstraat 31a, 5651 CA Eindhoven