Digital Social Innovation and the future of Care

Paulien Melis (Creative Care Lab) will participate in the conference Digital Social Innovation and the future of Care taking place in Milan on 22nd and 23rd of November. She will contribute as a panel member on 22 November to the topic 'From Collective Intelligence to Social Innovation'.

Digital technologies can transform societies by mobilizing collective actions and enabling a more collaborative economy. This would include new ways of ensuring a wider citizen participation and equitable social innovation. How is “digital” space helping bottom-up initiative become sustainable?

About the conference
The conference discusses what the new models for community care are and how are they gaining ground thanks to digital technologies. What urban or organizational conditions can facilitate the spread of open and collaborative care systems? What is the role of new digital manufacturing players in processes of social innovation and care?

The conclusion of the European project opencare is a real chance to tackle these themes with both local and global communities, with researchers, key international experts and policy makers.


Milano Luis hub for maker and students, Milan, Italy