Open Wetlab

DNA debate

18-10-15 14:00 - 18-10-15 16:00
Gallery Soledad Senlle, Sloterkade 171, Amsterdam

Lucas Evers (head of Waag's Open Wetlab) moderates a DNA debate on 18 October 2015, as a result of the art installation by Jeroen van Loon. The artist is selling his DNA in his installation via the Internet for a year. What are the consequences of this, now and in the future? What is he actually selling? And what is it worth?


  • Jeroen van Loon [artist]
  • André Uitterlinden [professor Complex Genetics, Erasmus MC]
  • Eline Bunnik [bio-ethicus, Erasmus MC]
  • Nart Wielaard [journalist Big Data, Nieuwe Media]